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Construction is a general term meaning the art and science to form objects, systems, or organizations. In this setting, construction refers to the building process and its projects. This includes new home building, new office spaces, new apartment buildings, remodels in all three areas, and renovations. Anything involved in the building process, whether new construction or old, can fall into this category.

    Mold Prevention Tips & Best Practices

    Mold is a fungus that produces spores which are spread by floating around in the air. It is present in indoor environments, thriving in areas that are moist and warm. When a spore lands on a damp..

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    Tenant Retention Best Practices

    When you build a property that is designed for renters, whether it’s a multi-unit apartment or a single-family home, tenant retention is a big consideration. Especially if the tenants are good..

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    How to Be Successful in Residential Building

    Residential building can be a lucrative business if you know what you are doing. There are the different types of builds to consider with custom, semi-custom and production building as options. Do..

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    Types of Insulation Used in Residential Building

    Insulation is an important piece of every building and residential property constructed. It keeps buildings warm during cold months and cool during warm months and is a key part of how energy..

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    Green Building Certifications to Seek

    Construction is rapidly making adjustments to be more eco-friendly, leading to the development of green building certifications. These certifications give customers an idea of how their home reduces..

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    Design Elements to Keep on Hand

    Often, when people think of construction, they think of the building process. But there’s also design elements in construction, especially with new builds and renovations. It’s not just about the..

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    Structural Materials to Keep On Hand

    As someone who runs a construction business, or someone who is looking to break into the construction business, you may decide to keep certain materials on hand on a regular basis. Structural..

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    Smart Building Skills to Learn and Employ

    Technology is integrated into everything we do today. In the construction industry, signs of having people employed who have technical acumen are emerging. From smart cities and smart buildings down..

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    Pros and Cons of Using a Model Home as Office Space

    Almost every new development that is build has a model home on-site. The purpose of the model home is simple, it allows the prospective buyer to visualize their home before purchasing a lot. It’s..

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    How to Properly Conduct a Virtual Model Home Tour

    Conducting an in-person model home tour is one thing, but doing it virtually is another. The ultimate goal of a model home tour is to create a connection between the buyer and the home. When the..

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    How to Properly Conduct an In-Person Model Home Tour

    As stated in previous articles, your model home allows potential buyers to test drive the home, kind of like test driving a car, before buying. You typically test drive the exact car you plan to..

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    Model Home Staging Tips

    If you’ve got a model home as part of your new development, staging it is imperative. You may think that a shiny, newly built home could easily sell itself with nothing in it, but this isn't always..

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