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95%+ of applications approved. Work with us for low rates, a dedicated representative, and potential features like 16 months with NO monthly interest payments, loans up to 100% LTC, and same day draw funding.

Builder Finance Inc. provides construction loans for builders and investors as well as fix-flip loans, land development loans, model/show house loans, and lines of credit. Builder Finance Inc. also provides LONG-TERM residential rental property loans as well as single-closing build-rent loans and fix-rent loans.

Builder Finance, Inc., Construction Loans, Sioux Falls, SD

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Loans available in 47 states and Washington D.C.

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SPEC (& Pre-Sales)


  • Rental Loans Rates as low as RENTAL_INTEREST_LOW


    • 1 point

    Maximum LTV



    • 7 (5+2), 12 (10+2), or 17 (15+2) Years
    • 5, 10, or 15 Years at a Fixed Rate
    • 2 Year Floating Rate extension option
    • Interest only available
    • Non-recourse available
    • Cash-out Possible
  • Built to Rent One loan closing, built or fix then hold


    • Fixed rate of BUILD_RENT_INTEREST_LOW or BUILD_RENT_INTEREST_HIGH (assuming 740+ credit)

    Maximum LTC



    • 7 (5+2) or 12 (10+2) Years
    • 5 or 10 Years at a fixed rate + a 2 Year extension option at a floating rate
    • Year 1 of loan for construction
    • Interest only available

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Important Information

  • Parameters

    More than 19 out of 20 applications approved. We lend to corporate entities (usually LLC) for a business purpose (usually SPEC or rental).

    • NO Owner Occupants
    • Yes Builders
    • Yes Residential Investors
    • Yes Investors and GCs
    • Yes Site-Build
    • Yes Modular
    • Yes Manufactured
    • Yes SIP
    • Yes Houses
    • Yes Townhouses
    • Yes 2-4 Unit
    • Yes 5+ Unit
    • OK A Past Bankruptcy
    • OK A Past Forclosure
    • OK No Income Requirements
    • OK No Minimum Credit Score
  • Why Work with Us?


    Bank-like pricing


    A lender built to do SPEC
    and Rental loans


    A direct lender and servicer

  • Who We Lend To
    Custom Builders Two great options for Custom Builders are Builder Line of Credit and Construction Loans. Builder Lines of Credit offer years to build and sell. adsf interest rate available. Available size is up to SPEC_REVOLVE_MAX_FUNDING. Construction Loans include numerous benefits such as a 0.0% pay rate (no monthly interest payments). Construction loans are available up to CONSTRUCTION_MAX_FUNDING. With both, ask us how to get a 100% advance rate.
    Semi-Custom Builders This is our sweet-spot! We can help you grow your business.
    Production Builders There are 2 great ways to borrow. Builder Lines of Credit offer up to SPEC_REVOLVE_LTC LTC and you can re-borrow money multiple times without additional fees. Construction Loans feature numerous benefits such as a 0.0% pay rate (no monthly interest payments). Also ask about our model home financing and other features geared for production building.
    Fix-Flippers We offer great pricing and terms in our Fix-Flip Loans : FIX_FLIP_POINTS points and a FIX_FLIP_INTEREST_LOW interest rate for repeat clients (have repaid 1 or more loans).
    General Contractors A general contractor’s experience can help its client qualify for a larger loan. The GC can be paid out of loan proceeds. We can help GCs win fee business and we can lend to them for their own spec work.
    Construction Investors Access great terms as professional builders with our Construction Loans.
    Rental Property Investors Numerous rental loan options available for rental investment properties.
    Forgein Investors We can finance your investments!
    Brokers and Referral Partners We PROTECT brokers and other referral partners. Referrals are a HUGE part of our business.
    Land Buying land? Before you close, learn how 100% financing is possible. Call us to learn more. Selling land? We can help make you more money. Call to learn more.
    Model Homes We want your project to succeed! We may be able to finance your model home – construction and hold. Call us to discuss.
    Manufactured/Modular/SIP/Pre-Fab/Off-Site Build We want to finance as much good product as possible! Call us to learn more.
    Realtors Selling land or an old house? Connect with us and learn how we can help you get a deal done.
  • Where We Lend

    Loans available in 47 states and Washington D.C.

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    Let's talk in person at an upcoming event. Contact BFI to confirm its attendance.

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