5.99% interest rate for repeat clients

Keep things EASY and LOW-COST.

Builder Finance Inc. offers: a simple application, quick funding, a dedicated representative, and a 0.0% pay rate – wait until maturity to pay interest and fees.

As you build repayment history with us, our terms are designed to become better and better. You never know what the next residential opportunity will be, so work with a lender with many capabilities: fix-flip and rehab, construction, rental, build-rent, fix-rent, land, and other related types of financing.

Great Pricing

5.99% for repeat client (repaid 1+ loan), 8.99% for new client

Great Terms

0.0% pay rate (no interest payments)

Great Service

Dedicated loan representative

Loan terms

Loan Size $100,000 - $2,500,000
Max LTC 85%/100%/100% for purchase, closing costs, and work, respectively
Points 2
Interest Rate 5.99% for repeat client (repaid 1+ loan)


8.99% for new client
Pay Rate 0.00% (no monthly payments)
Term 8 Months + 4 month extension
Origination Fee 2%
Other Borrower pays all lender costs. Terms may differ in TN. If loan is >$765,000 ARV limit is 68%, if >$1,700,000 ARV limit is 62%.
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