0% upfront fee on 17 year Aug & Sep. applications

1 point. Rates stating at 3.9%.

Investment property mortgages for investors: houses, duplexes, triplex, quads, and 5+ unit residential.

Available in 44 states. Acquisition or refinance. Build/Fix-to-rent go here .

Great Pricing

3.99% - 5.5% fixed for 5, 10, or 15 years

Great Terms

If need more time, 2 year extension option after the 5, 10, or 15 year fixed period at the greater of Prime +15% and the original fixed rate.

Great Service

Unlike many lenders, we fund AND service our loans. Assistance is just and email or phone call away.

Potential Savings

Need a tenant? Need to do work? Don’t get a bridge loan, we can work with you.

Terms at a glance

1 Point
Rates as low as 3.9%
Up to 75% of Value for single-asset loans
Up to 80% of Value for 5+ property portfolio loans
Interest Only available
Non-Recourse available
7 & 12 Year for investment property Acquisition or Refinance
17 Year for investment property Acquisition (purchased within past year)
Foreign nationals eligible
Coast-to-Coast lending

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