1 point. Rates stating at 3.9%.

Investment property mortgages for investors: houses, duplexes, triplex, quads, and 5+ unit residential.
Available in 44 states. Acquisition or refinance. Build/Fix-to-rent go here.

Great Terms

If need more time, 2 year extension option after the 5, 10, or 15 year fixed period at the greater of Prime +1% and the original fixed rate.

Great Service

Unlike many lenders, we fund AND service our loans. Assistance is just and email or phone call away.

Potential Savings

Need a tenant? Need to do work? Don’t get a bridge loan, we can work with you.

Terms at a glance

1 Point
Rates as low as 3.9%
Up to 75% of Value for single-asset loans
Up to 80% of Value for 5+ property portfolio loans
Interest Only available
Non-Recourse available
7 & 12 Year for investment property Acquisition or Refinance
17 Year for investment property Acquisition (purchased within past 2 years)
Foreign nationals eligible
Coast-to-Coast lending



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Builder Finance Inc. (BFI) provides loans on residential rental investment properties.

Collateral: Acceptable collateral includes 1-4 unit single family residential (SFR) and 5+ unit multifamily residential. SFR includes houses, townhouses, duplex, triplex, quadplex, as well as individual condominium units. Multifamily includes garden apartment buildings, bungalow courts, and multistory apartment buildings. BFI will also lend on mixed-use buildings so long as the residential component is at least 51% of the square footage. Rental loans can be on a single property or a portfolio of rental properties.

Borrower: Acceptable borrowers are business entities. Borrowers are almost always limited liability companies (LCCs). The individuals owning a borrower can be experienced or inexperienced with rental properties. BFI may provide greater loan sizes to individuals that have at least 3 years of experience owning rental properties. It is not a requirement to have a third-party property manager.

Application & Timing: The application process is fairly simple. The main item is obtaining a property appraisal. It usually takes several weeks for an appraiser to deliver a proper appraisal. After receipt of an appraisal report, BFI can close the loan in under a week.

Payments: After a loan closes, the monthly payment amount is fixed so it is the same amount every month. BFI uses what is called 30/360 accrual which can save borrowers money and causes the monthly payment amount to be fixed. BFI does NOT require reserves for interest and real estate taxes, the borrower pays those directly.