BFI has three ways to help with land:

  1. Loans for land inventory or land acquisition and development (A&D)
  2. Lending on the land component of construction
  3. Liquidity Access Lines

1. Land Inventory + A&D

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Up to 65% of Cost

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No points, 9.99% fixed for 10 months, then 11.99% for 4 months (no extension fee)

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14 month term



To qualify for land inventory or A&D financing, ownership must meet certain standards including being considered well experienced: since 2011 have at least 20 residential properties that have built and sold or owned as rentals.

2. Land Component of Spec Construction

Construction Loans

  • 75%+100% BFI will lend up to 75% of land value + 100% of costs in accordance with an approved budget.
  • 100%: If you obtain third-party land financing (e.g. loan from land seller), BFI may offer a 100% LTC loan.

Multi-Year Lines

BFI will fund up to 100% of land and 100% of construction costs. Land must not be an outsized cost, or no more than 1/3 of total project costs. If building out a subdivision, additional funds maybe available for horizontal development.



3. Liquidity Access Lines

Spec Revolver clients, we offer an additional benefit: liquidity access lines for land acquisition. More information here. We’ll advance given 1 business day of notice so clients can move fast – no waiting for an appraisal.