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    Smart Building Skills to Learn and Employ

    Technology is integrated into everything we do today. In the construction industry, signs of having people employed who have technical acumen are emerging. From smart cities and smart buildings down..

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    Sustainability Growth in Construction Best Practices

    Sustainability growth in construction is a hot button topic worldwide. Home buyers, governments and other public sector organizations are pushing for more sustainable and socially responsible..

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    Selecting a Building Lot, Tips for Getting it Right

    When building a home from the ground up, one of the most important decisions you need to make happens before the foundation is even laid, and that is selecting a building lot. Regardless of what part..

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    Technology & Efficiency: Mobile Tech & Drones

    The construction industry is beginning to learn how to utilize today's technology to improve efficiency in the industry. From augmented reality and robotics to green tech and smart contracts,..

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    Spec Homes and Pre-Sale Homes- Know The Difference

    In the world of new home construction, there are important differences between home types, and knowing those differences (and what they entail) is hugely important when traversing new home building..

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