Technology is integrated into everything we do today. In the construction industry, signs of having people employed who have technical acumen are emerging. From smart cities and smart buildings down to smart homes and green buildings, humans are learning the impact of our carbon footprint on the Earth and trying to lessen it. Being an eco-friendly business typically means using more technology, and as more technology is used, the more energy efficiency is needed. Building smart homes and buildings has change the construction industry. If your business is trying to break into smart building, here are 6 skills needed to get started.

  1. Technological Experience – Before you can build a smart building, you must have an underlying understanding of the internet, networking, sensors, cloud, API’s, connectivity and data. Building something when you have no idea how it works is near impossible, so you must gain an understanding of IT and networking.
  2. Security – When you’re talking about smart buildings, security is a major part of technology and the internet. Hackers attack people and businesses all the time, so it is vital that security is built into these buildings. An understanding of hardware and software security, how to locate weaknesses and data security are a necessity.
  3. An Understanding of Operations Technology and Information Technology – Traditionally separate, the line where one ends and the other begins is hard to find. Having someone who understands and can explain both sides can help clear things up.
  4. Mobile App Experience – Almost every piece of technology that’s not on a PC uses mobile app technology as end-user applications move toward a mobile-first experience. Knowledge of this technology is important.
  5. Willingness to Learn – Technology changes every day, so it is important to find people willing to learn and change with the technology. As knew technology emerges, be curious about how it can help your business or ensure the people who manage your technology department are able to do that.
  6. Communication Skills – Communication skills are a must in business in general but being able to explain technology to people unfamiliar with how it works is crucial. You don’t want your employees feeling like they have no idea what is going on, it is important everyone is on the same page.

All of these skills are vital to the success of building a smart home or a smart building. Each piece plays a part in the effectiveness of your team. But what if you get overwhelmed and feel like you’re in over your head? Are there experts in this industry who can help?

The answer is yes, there are experts in this field who can help. Knowing when to hire one can make or break your build. Here are a few tips on when you should hire an expert:

                -If you have limited technological experience
                -If you don’t understand cybersecurity and data protection
                -If you have any question that what you are doing is correct

If you question that you can handle any portion of a smart building, no matter how minute it might seem, bring in a consultant or hire an expert to keep on staff. This person can be a second set of eyes and help you learn the proper ways to implement the technology needed for a smart building.

Smart buildings, smart homes and smart cities are the way construction is moving. Picking up these skills and surrounding yourself with staff and laborers who are willing and able to learn these skills may determine the success or failure of your business.