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A pre-sale home is one that is available to purchase before it’s available to occupy. Buyers purchase these homes before construction starts or at any time during construction. If a buyer is going to pre-purchase a home, generally the project has a model home on-site for prospective buyers to view. Seeing the “final product” before it’s done gives the buyer confidence that they are getting what they want. Occasionally, if it’s also a production build, buyers can request changes to the layout, floor plan or design features that are offered.

    Pros and Cons of Using a Model Home as Office Space

    Almost every new development that is build has a model home on-site. The purpose of the model home is simple, it allows the prospective buyer to visualize their home before purchasing a lot. It’s..

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    How to Properly Conduct a Virtual Model Home Tour

    Conducting an in-person model home tour is one thing, but doing it virtually is another. The ultimate goal of a model home tour is to create a connection between the buyer and the home. When the..

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    How to Properly Conduct an In-Person Model Home Tour

    As stated in previous articles, your model home allows potential buyers to test drive the home, kind of like test driving a car, before buying. You typically test drive the exact car you plan to..

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    Spec Homes and Pre-Sale Homes- Know The Difference

    In the world of new home construction, there are important differences between home types, and knowing those differences (and what they entail) is hugely important when traversing new home building..

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    Construction Loan Terminology - What it all Means

    If you’re thinking of applying for a construction loan, there is a lot to consider, and while doing your research, you may run into some terms you’re unfamiliar with. Below is an explanation of some..

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