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    How to Properly Conduct an In-Person Model Home Tour

    As stated in previous articles, your model home allows potential buyers to test drive the home, kind of like test driving a car, before buying. You typically test drive the exact car you plan to..

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    Model Home Staging Tips

    If you’ve got a model home as part of your new development, staging it is imperative. You may think that a shiny, newly built home could easily sell itself with nothing in it, but this isn't always..

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    The Importance of a Model Home

    When a developer decides to embark on a new subdivision of homes, they often choose to build a model home. The purpose of this home is to give prospective buyers an idea of what their home will look..

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    5 Considerations for Fix-Flip Homes

    A fix-flip has many moving parts, but the most important part to you, the investor, is getting the biggest return on investment. In order to make sure that happens, being in tune with what potential..

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