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    Pros and Cons of Using a Model Home as Office Space

    Almost every new development that is build has a model home on-site. The purpose of the model home is simple, it allows the prospective buyer to visualize their home before purchasing a lot. It’s..

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    How to Properly Conduct an In-Person Model Home Tour

    As stated in previous articles, your model home allows potential buyers to test drive the home, kind of like test driving a car, before buying. You typically test drive the exact car you plan to..

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    The Importance of a Model Home

    When a developer decides to embark on a new subdivision of homes, they often choose to build a model home. The purpose of this home is to give prospective buyers an idea of what their home will look..

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    Landscaping Tips for New Developments

    As a builder or investor, if you’ve just built a new home or a whole new development, one important thing not to overlook is landscaping. Even if a buyer is purchasing a home in a brand new..

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    Marketing 101: Attracting Buyers to New Developments

    Marketing and selling a new development is a little different from selling an older home, and typically attracts a different buyer as well. Marketing an older home already comes with the advantages..

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