Marketing and selling a new development is a little different from selling an older home, and typically attracts a different buyer as well. Marketing an older home already comes with the advantages of an established neighborhood, established schools, and maybe even period details on the home itself - in short, there are many aspects that “sell themselves.” However, attracting buyers to new developments doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as it’s done in the right way. Below are some tips to help you get people talking about your new development.

Social Media

These days, using social media as a business generating tool can be essential, particularly if you’re targeting younger buyers or buyers with young families. This means utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The latter two examples can be particularly advantageous to real estate marketing as they are highly visual platforms, allowing you to showcase all aspects of your build, from entire homes to a focus on materials to showing off floorplans.

The possibilities are endless, and young, savvy buyers are not only already familiar with these platforms, but they use them every single day. Secondly, paying attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and setting up a Google My Business profile not only allows potential buyers to find you more easily, it also allows you to engage directly with them. Plus, Google My Business let’s you track how customers engage with your business as well. Online marketing strategies are vital in today's world of technology.


Zillow has become the holy grail of real estate marketing and according to WordStream, “sites like Zillow account for 48% of all site traffic for real estate searches on the web.” Zillow’s database currently contains more than 100 million homes in the United States. It is clearly the go-to site for potential buyers and allows them to search for homes using all sorts of criteria, including home type. It also enables users to view properties on a map, allowing your new development to stand out to users in your area.

Advertise the Area

It is important to make your new development stand out from your competitors and highlight every feature of what makes your residential build unique. However, part of marketing your development means showing off the area as well. The location of your development is a huge reason buyers are looking at it in the first place. To that end, consider marketing the neighborhood and all it has to offer as an extension of marketing the property itself. What does this place have that similar areas won’t have? What’s unique about it? Why should buyers move to your development and not a similar development in a different area? All of these are important questions to answer for potential buyers.

Virtual Tours

Creating a virtual tour is a huge bonus when marketing your development. When looking at new developments, buyers are comparison shopping, and if you offer a virtual tour and your competitors don’t, it’s an instant win for you. Floorplans, photos, and artist renderings are all excellent, but if a buyer has the ability to move through your space without leaving their home - and they like what they see - they’ll want to see even more in person!

One of the biggest keys in marketing, no matter which platform you use, is engaging with your customers and potential buyers. If someone comments on a post, be sure to respond or react in some way. If a potential buyer sends you a message, be sure to reply as quickly as possible. Lack of engagement will make your business appear disinterested. Everyone gets busy, but communicating with prospective buyers and customers is a huge factor in earning their business! Attracting buyers to new developments takes a solid strategy, so be sure to employ these tactics for success.