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    How Green Building Impacts Homeowner's Insurance

    As a builder, developer or investor, you already know the importance of having the proper insurance coverage on a project. You may even already know the ins and outs of how to insure green..

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    Green Construction in Homes vs. Multi Unit Dwellings

    Green building is not only a growing trend, it can also have numerous benefits for the builder or investor. However, there are some key differences in green construction in single family homes versus..

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    The Challenges of Green Building

    Green building has obvious benefits for consumers as well as builders and investors - namely energy efficiency, recycled materials, and environmentally friendly processes and technologies - but there..

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    The LEED Rating System Explained

    When it comes to green design, there is one internationally recognized benchmark that you’ll come across time and time again - The LEED Rating System. An abbreviation of Leadership in Energy and..

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    Incorporating Green Material in Construction

    Green building, or green construction, has been around for decades but wasn't truly formalized until the 1990s. The LEED rating system's pilot program was launched in 1998, but the US government..

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    What is Green Building? Make it Work for You

    As humans use of man-made resources increased over the years, we learned that our carbon footprint was destroying our planet. In the 1960s, people started to realize that if we wanted to keep our..

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