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    Energy Efficiency Best Practices in Construction

    Many builders, investors and construction firms are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact with green construction. This process not only saves money (once implemented) but may also..

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    Green Construction in Homes vs. Multi Unit Dwellings

    Green building is not only a growing trend, it can also have numerous benefits for the builder or investor. However, there are some key differences in green construction in single family homes versus..

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    The Legal Constraints of Off-Grid Building

    As the cost of living increases, off-grid building is becoming more appealing as is a desire to live in a more environmentally conscious way. There has also been a growing trend toward escaping urban..

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    Harnessing the Sun - Solar Energy & Construction

    With green building technology becoming more and more ubiquitous, solar energy is one of its most common features. This article will break down the benefits and challenges of solar panels in new home..

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    Integrating Green Tech with Green Construction

    The goal of green technology is the same as anything else that is green: To provide sustainable solutions with minimal impact on the environment. When integrating green tech with green construction,..

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