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    The Benefits of Wearable Technology in Construction

    Technology has made a multitude of advancements in the last decade, especially in the last few years. The trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, either, as humans look for ways to make their lives..

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    Visual Wearable Technology Enhances Safety

    Wearable technology is gaining ground in the construction industry. Companies are adapting with the ever-changing technology landscape and learning how to employ specific technologies to their..

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    Tactile Wearable Technology to Limit Injuries

    As technology advances and more innovations come to light, the construction industry is finding unique ways to make these advancements work. Wearable technology is one of the newest forms of..

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    Sensing Wearable Technology in Construction

    There are three categories of wearable technology in construction: Tactile, visual and sensing. Tactile and visual wearable technology are both great ways to reduce injuries and accidents, as well as..

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    Successful Implementation of Wearable Technology

    Wearable technology is an up and coming innovation in the construction industry. It can be broken down into three categories: Tactile wearables, visual wearables and sensing wearables. As the final..

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