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A production builder focuses on building homes, townhomes, condos and rental properties, generally on land that is owned by a building firm. Sometimes they offer homes and land as a package. They typically offer a few house plans to choose from, or sometimes use stock plans or plans developed by the firm that hired them to complete the project. These options allow buyers to choose which plan they prefer from a menu in a variety of product categories.Production builders complete a large number of projects each year. They operate under the assumption that if it is there, someone will buy it. Homes are completed whether buyers are lined up or not, with the understanding that eventually, the properties will sell.

    Semi-Custom and Production Building: A Comparison

    Previously, we discussed custom vs. semi-custom building. Some of it seems self-explanatory, some not as much. Now we focus on semi-custom and production building. These two types of builds are very..

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    What is a Production Builder?

    There are several types of builders and builds available on the market today. Understanding the differences between them will clue you in to what type of builder you need on a specific project. This..

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    Prefabrication and Modular Construction Defined

    Prefabrication and modular construction have been gaining popularity, but there is sometimes an assumption among consumers that these terms are interchangeable. Not only do the two terms refer to..

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