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Semi-custom homes are exactly what they sound like: A pre-designed house style with pre-existing floor plans. These are usually build on land developed and owned by a builder, but the buyer can look through various options. Using the pre-determined floor plan and house-style options, buyers can choose from a variety of features and can typically request layout changes prior to breaking ground. It’s not completely custom, which is something designed specifically to the buyer’s requests and desires, but it’s also not a cookie-cutter project. Some people have a hard time envisioning what a home will look like without some kind of visual, so semi-custom homes are often sought after due to the flexibility they offer.

    Semi-Custom and Production Building: A Comparison

    Previously, we discussed custom vs. semi-custom building. Some of it seems self-explanatory, some not as much. Now we focus on semi-custom and production building. These two types of builds are very..

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    Custom and Semi-Custom Builds: Know the Difference

    As a builder, you likely have a pretty good idea of the type of build your business is good at completing. You have a process that works and understand how to market to the customers you want to..

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