100% LTC available

For new construction and major renovation projects valued from $100,000 to $8,000,000+.
For professional builders wanting to optimize pricing and terms AND to lock things in for 5 years.


Fixed interest rate available


Limit on total lender fees you pay

Same Day Draws

Up to $60,000 per project available

Free & Easy Estimates

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Size Up to $5,000,000
LTC 100% of eligible costs
Term 5 Years
Fees Limited to 2.0%
Rate 6.99% fixed rate for 5 years available
Other Costs No other lender fees. Reimburse lender for third-party expenses including appraisal, recording taxes and fees, etc.

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Talking to banks about a SPEC builder line of credit, guidance line, master revolver, master line, or other type of long-term builder capital access? Talk to Builder Finance Inc.

SPEC builder line of credit is the ultimate way for builders and developers to fund SPEC ground up construction and major rehabilitations / renovations. Use for a broad range of residential real estate, including houses, duplexes, triplex, quads, and 5+ unit multifamily residential buildings.

COST: Fees are limited to 2% - over the entire 5 years. Interest is locked at 6.99% or 7.99% - only on the funds that you use.

FUNDING: Up to 100% LTC. We fund the lesser of 100% of eligible costs and a maximum LTV.

OTHER GREAT TERMS: Same Day Draws possible. Ask us about not having to pay interest monthly – and no interest-on-interest. No limit on how much of the line can be used for SPEC – there are no pre-sale requirements. No prepayment penalties. No required reserve accounts. Revolving so can borrow and re-borrow funds.

GREAT SERVICE: Have a dedicated representative. When you work with us, you are going into business with an experienced and honest financing company that has helped develop real estate projects across the nation. We work closely with you and will establish an easy and reliable point of contact with one of our representatives so we can answer any questions you may have before, during, and after your project. Builder Finance Inc. is proud to help bring your vision to fruition and work alongside you to create new opportunities for your community.

A SPEC builder line of credit is ideal for those looking for a long term funding solution. Work with Builder Finance for an easy and convenient way to borrow capital to finance your residential real estate projects.