Acquisition funding in 1-2 business days

A Liquidity Access Line (LAL) is Builder Working Capital for acquisitions. It lets you buy land or a property FAST.

It will be secured by either a company with sufficient financial strength or business purpose real estate with sufficient unencumbered value. Additionally, a lien will be placed on property being acquired with LAL funds.

Great Pricing

ZERO lender fees, 9.99% interest rate.

Great Terms

Up to 4 years. Up to $500,000.

Great Service

Dedicated loan representative

More Information

Builder Finance Inc. knows home building. And we know how crucial liquidity / access to money is for builders. That is why we offer Liquidity Access Lines (LALs). Builders looking for personal lines of credit or working capital lines or other types of loans providing quick liquidity should consider Liquidity Access Lines.

Qualifications: Step 1 is to be a borrower with a Spec Revolving Line from BFI. Step 2 is to have a commercial real estate property on which BFI can safely secure a first or second lien. For example, if you have an office building worth $2.5 million with a $1 million mortgage, BFI will can put a second lien on the office building. That will serve as the main collateral for borrowing. Step 3 is to have land or another property that you are acquiring for the purpose of residential construction. BFI will lend on that piece of collateral very quickly to enable a fast acquisition.


Provide basic information on the property being acquired including a purchase contract. Will work to advance given 1 business day of notice so clients can move fast – no waiting for an appraisal.

Individual advances may not exceed 75% of the cost of the property being acquired. Advance frequency is limited to no more than 3 times per month.

Time to build

When you are ready to go vertical, we may subordinate the lien on the property to the Spec Revolver – so no need to refinance or payoff until the fully-built property is sold. Ask a loan representative for details.